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Welcome to ToPoIndex - the Topographical Postcards Index site!

This site tries to help you to find the old postcards of places of your interest. There might be dozens, hundreds of antique postcards showing your town offered by online sellers, listed in auction catalogs. But finding them is not easy. There are just too many places to visit on the web. Here is where we can help. We crawl auction sites, online shops just to identify postcards with town views and to provide a topographical index to them.

As of today, ToPoIndex covers places of the former Hungarian Kingdom part of Europe. Budapest is excluded, as one can find postcards of it almost everywhere.

4739 postcards indexed
1102 places identified
last addition: 13/02/2008

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ToPoIndex monitors Ebay,, Delcampe, Profila and many more philately, auction sites!

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